Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf

I recently posted an article entitled "Golf in Schools Program", encouraging schools to introduce children to the game of golf.  There are so many valuable life lessons that can be learned playing golf including leading a healthy lifestyle, sportsmanship, etiquette etc.  Getting kids involved at a young age is fantastic, but remember the most important thing is to make it fun and enjoyable for them.  I was recently introduced to a book called "Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf" written by Nicole Weller that helps do exactly that.

This book, geared towards children aged 5 years old and up, introduces kids to golf and allows them to follow their progress in an fun and interactive sticker book.  With creative activities and games like 'one, two show my shoe' and 'tick tock swing the clock' this book helps parents and instructors relay the rules and etiquette of golf to children in a way they will truly love.  Watch this video featuring author Nicole Weller:

It's such a great idea to get kids involved in sports like golf, and this book provides the perfect vehicle to help make it the best experience possible.  'Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf' is hands down the best childrens' golf book I've seen.  For more details and to order your copy of 'Stick to Sports: Let's Play Golf' please click here.