Sunday, January 15, 2012

Only a Club-breaking Cheater Calls Golf a Sport!

One of our favorite golf blogs on the net is undoubtedly 'Golf Stinks', which provides a unique and light hearted look at the golf industry.  Here's one of their recent blog posts which we found really to be an entertaining read...

Throughout the year, we bloggers at Golfstinks like to poll our valued readers on all things golf. In 2010, we received some interesting poll results and this past year was no different. 

We conducted several polls in 2011, and below we highlight the results of five of them. What have we learned? Well, that golfers are drinkers and club-breakers and cheaters, of course!

Let's begin in October, when we asked how you cheat at golf. Mind you, we already knew you were a cheater...we just wanted to know how. Are you a rule-bender or a rule-breaker? Turns out 78% of the 37 respondents are rule-benders (golfers who will take the occasional Mulligan or gimmie putt, etc.). Just 8% of you were rule-breakers (golfers who will kick their ball to a better lie or conveniently forget to take a stroke when the situation warrants it). Which leaves 13% of you as liars - or those who claim to neither bend nor break the rules. 

Back in February, we wanted to know if you've ever broken a club in anger. Well, the majority (62%) of you haven't. But of the 48 golfers who took this poll, 29% said they've broken a club in anger once. Interestingly, 8% admit to being an "occasional" club-breaker. We wish we were a little more specific in this poll answer (e.g. what does "occasional" mean)? Either way, golfers beware: Club-breakers are out there, so don't let them get their hands on your new Callaway! 

In September, we asked the age-old question; Is golf a sport? We received some interesting comments both for and against it being a sport (many see it as just a "game"). But the poll results were not as split. Of the 51 respondents, 62% said yes, golf is indeed a sport; while 37% said no it wasn't. There's still time to vote is this poll - so feel free to add your 2 cents! 

In another February poll, we wanted to know how often you visited the 19-hole after your round. Well, according this this poll (and its 59 respondents), it seems about a third of the golfers out there typically belly-up to the bar after nearly every round. What's interesting is that another third typically skip the 19th-hole altogether and head home. And what about the final third? Well, for them it depends - about half the time they'll head in for a drink or some food, while the other half of the time they'll just hit the road. Ah the lonely life of a 19th-hole bar tender... 

Our final 2011 poll is from June, when we wanted to know if golf daily deal sites were putting traditional golf merchants out of business. Well, 47% (out of the 69 respondents) answered in the negative, while just 26% said "yes" - golf daily deal sites were indeed killing traditional golf businesses. What made this poll interesting though was that 26% also said it was "too early to tell" if golf deal sites were bad for traditional establishments. Thus there seems to be some concern about these daily deal sites and their potential impact within the golf world - which may not bode too well for an already struggling industry. 

So, all you club-breaking cheaters who call golf a sport - Keep an eye out for more interesting golf polls from Golfstinks in 2012!