Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm not a fan of many of the hoaky game improvement devices on the market, but there are definitely some cool ones out there.  Earlier in the year, we reviewed the floppy practice golf ball, which proved to be a fantastic tool for chipping around indoors.  BirdieBall has taken it a step further and has  really upped the anti as far as practice tools go.  They have developed a golf game which is a lot of fun and very unique.

After receiving my BirdieBall set  (complete with tee box/strike pad, a box of BirdieBalls and the hole/flag stick) I called my cousin Matt and we headed over to the neighborhood soccer field to give it a try.  Because the BirdieBall is designed to have a shortened flight path, it allows you to take a full swings and play comfortably in your backyard, field or neighborhood park.  As we fooled around with different hole lengths and got used to the game itself, I realized I was enjoying myself even more than I had expected.  We ended up playing two more times over the weekend, and found that we were playing longer and longer each time.  And we weren't the only ones enjoying it; by our third time out on Sunday afternoon, people were actually coming over just to watch and see what this new game was all about.  

BirdieBall is said to be the most accurate and rewarding practice ball in golf, and I'd also call it the most enjoyable. It only flies about 40 yards so now you can practice virtually anywhere - you can even hit it back and forth with a friend.  One hit and the BirdieBall speaks for itself, give it a try, it is astounding!  For more information about BirdieBall or to place your order, please visit:

Eat Sleep Golf - BirdieBall Skins Game
The package comes with a set of generic rules, however over the weekend we created our own set of simple rules which are as follows:

Each player gets one birdieball.
To determine who starts, place the flag stick about 15 yards away.  Each player gets one shot at the flag in a closest to the pin style competition.

The player who won the closest to the pin gets to choose the first hole location.  I'd suggest anywhere from 10-100 yards, depending on how challenging you want the hole to be.  Try to be creative... over hedges, through soccer posts, around trees, etc.  Take turns hitting your ball until you get it in the hole, as you would in a regular game of golf.  The player with the lowest score gets 1 point as well as the opportunity to select the pin placement for the next hole.   If two players tied, it's played as a carry over, meaning the next hole is worth 2 points.

Play 9 or 18 holes, and the player who accumulates the most points is the winner.  Good luck!