Monday, September 6, 2010

DriveHard Reseller Opportunity

DriveHard continue their journey of raising awareness and funds for charity by engaging the golf community.  We're happy to introduce their new reseller opportunity... 

The DriveHard golf wristband continues to gain popularity as the 2010 season unfolds and we're now ready to take it to the next level.  Although we receive daily inquiries about what retailers sell our wristbands, they are currently only available in a dozen or so locations across North America.  In order to meet the growing demand for the DriveHard wristband we are introducing a reseller opportunity which requires a zero dollar up front commitment.  This really is a zero risk, win-win situation.  Here's how it works...

For a limited time, we're offering pro shops, online stores and retail outlets the opportunity to join the DriveHard campaign with no strings attached.  Simply email us at: (include your name, position, company name and contact information),  and we'll send you 100 DriveHard golf wristbands, display container and brochures.  Place the display container on your cashiers table, and the wristbands will practically sell themselves.  The wristbands sell individually for only $3.00 and the money goes a long way towards supporting Alzheimer's and Caddy for a Cure.

Once all 100 wristbands are sold, you'll send us the funds collected and choose whether you would like to replenish your supply of wristbands.  For every wristband sold through your location, we'll donate $1.00 in your name to charity.  At anytime, if you decide you no longer want to participate in the program, simply return the unsold wristbands with any funds collected, no hard feelings.

Please help spread the word about this great opportunity; pass this information along to your club pro, manager or anyone else who may want to get involved.  Together we can make a difference!

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DriveHard was created to engage the golf community, with a focus on raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's and Caddy for a Cure.  The term 'DriveHard' represents the focus and determination required to be successful on the golf course, and the ability to apply that same intensity towards life in general. 

You can help by showing your support for DriveHard and our ongoing journey by wearing a DriveHard wristband.  The dimpled wristband design replicates the dimples found on a golf ball; it's not only a stylish design, but wearing one will go a long way towards creating the much needed funds and awareness for very worthy causes like Alzheimer's and Caddy for a Cure.