Friday, August 1, 2014

TLink Golf Launches The Worlds Lightest GPS Watch

Today, TLink Golf officially announced the launch of their new GPS golf watch, which could very well be a game changer for how golfers acquire their on course yardage to the green.  The TLink Golf Watch is a lightweight, bluetooth device that pairs with a smartphone in order to provide golfers with front, middle and back yardage to the green.  The sleek design, ease of use, attractive price point and long battery life are just a few of the features that set TLink apart from their competitors.    

The TLink Golf watch is designed to be simple, sleek and effective.  Golfers want the ability to get accurate yardage information as quickly and effortlessly as possible.  Having to pace out yardages, fumble around with smartphone apps and/or using a laser rangefinder can all be cumbersome distractions that can rattle a golfers focus.  With the TLink Golf watch, accurate yardage information is always just a glance away; and as the lightest GPS watch on the market (only 30 grams), you won't even know your wearing one.

Another noteworthy feature of the TLink, is it's extended battery life.  Based on early reviews and feedback, a common complaint with other GPS devices on the market was their short battery life.  The cause of this was determined to be primarily associated with the need of a constant GPS connection.  TLink addressed this issue by having the watch wirelessly interact with a smartphone app.  This solution, means golfers can have confidence that they will not lose their yardage information halfway through a round.

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About TLink Golf
TLink Golf manufactures a lightweight bluetooth golf watch that pairs with a smartphone device to give golfers front, middle and back yardages to the green. With it's sleek, sophisticated, yet simple design, the TLink Golf watch is all about providing golfers with their essential golf yardage information in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.

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