Monday, August 4, 2014

The Thrill of Playing Competitive Golf

Article written by: Jonathan Carr

It’s been six long years, and there has been so much that I've missed. I've missed the thrill that comes from draining a putt to save par coming down the stretch, and the satisfaction that comes from overcoming nerves on the first tee to hit one down middle with people watching. I have even missed the process of trying to dig myself out of the hole that I created when my round got off to a shaky start. I've missed it. I have really missed tournament golf. Six years ago I ended my collegiate golf career, and with it came a change in priorities as I got married, started a family, and entered into a career. Through it all however, the desire to golf competitively remained alive and well within me. I wanted to compete, but with all the other responsibilities in my life, I didn't know how anyone was able to find the time to do so. Then on July 19, I played in a Golf Channel Amateur Tour event and found that once again the Golf Channel has found another means for individuals to quench their golf desires.

Something that sets the Golf Channel Amateur Tour apart from so many other tours and tournament qualifiers is the fact that they have worked hard to develop a schedule which allows anyone to find the time to compete. I cannot tell you how often I have researched events that I could possibly play in, only to find that it wasn't going to happen due to commitments at work - and I know that I am not alone in this dilemma. The Golf Channel Amateur Tour understands this issue and therefore holds their events on weekend days, allowing a much greater percentage of the golf population from being able to compete.

There are many probably reading this and telling themselves that they will be ready to compete once they “shave a few strokes off their handicap”. The beauty of this tour is that it truly is for everyone. With 11 different flights to compete in, you can be sure that there will always be a place for you and your game. Let’s be honest, while there are many of us out there who want to compete but have a hard time finding the time, there are probably more golfers who would love to compete, but simply don’t feel comfortable because it involves stepping out of their comfort zone. Despite my background in competitive golf, I felt the very same way heading to Glen Abbey Golf Club, just outside of Toronto, Ontario (the Tour has recently expanded to Canada). I was nervous not knowing what to expect. I was afraid of playing poorly and embarrassing myself. I didn't want people looking at me wondering why on earth I had taken the time to come out here and play competitively, but from the moment I signed in for my round my mind was quickly put at ease. Not only was I sure to be in the appropriate flight to compete against golfers of similar abilities to myself, but I was warmly welcomed into a community of golfers that are there for the purpose of having a good time. The organizer of this particular event, Paul, ensured that I felt comfortable and welcome. My playing partners did the same, and I could tell that they themselves had already established friendships as a result of their time competing against each other at other tournament venues. Don’t get me wrong, everyone was still there to compete, but they were having fun in the process.

With chapters all over the United States, as well as a recent breakthrough into Canada, there is a place for everyone to enjoy the thrill that comes from competitive golf. The Golf Channel Amateur Tour is providing the opportunity for the “Weekend Warrior” to be exactly that - and to thoroughly enjoy the process. I encourage you to find the local chapter nearest you and either enjoy the process of getting back into competitive golf, or enjoy the process of finally getting a taste of what it means to compete. Either way, with the Golf Channel Amateur Tour, you can’t lose.

About the Golf Channel Amateur Tour
Golf Channel Amateur Tour provides an authentic TOUR quality experience for players of all ages and abilities. Compete with golfers at your skill level, gain access to top courses in your area and across the country. Sign up today to be a part of Am Tour, the only Tour powered by Golf

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