Thursday, November 7, 2013

What Are the Odds of a Hole-In-One?

Am I wrong to expect to earn at least one hole-in-one in my lifetime?  A friend of mine recently had the honor of checking this milestone off his bucket list (Congrats Yvon).  In light of this, I figured it was only fitting to share with our Eat Sleep Golf fans some of the statistics associated with the elusive hole-in-one.  Take a look at these stats gathered and provided to us by the National Hole In One Association.

This infographic and the associated statistics were provided by the National Hole in One Association who has provided hole-in-one insurance coverage at over 300,000 charity golf tournaments and corporate golf outings. Their entire business is centered around these odds. With over 30 years of research on hole-in-one odds, they have finally published an infographic that covers some of the hole-in-one stats as well as some other interesting golf facts.