Monday, November 18, 2013

Big Break NFL - Predictions

As I've mentioned in the past, the Big Break series on Golf Channel is one of my favorite programs on TV and this seasons NFL series is no exception.  As always, the stakes are high as contestants are competing for amazing prizes and career changing opportunities; the difference this season... Contestants are paired up, one male, one female and one NFL legend.

Teams compete against each other in a series of challenges, the losing team gets a strike against them.  Get two strikes and you're team is eliminated from the competition.

After 6 episodes, two teams have managed to avoid a strike, Team Rypien and Team Doleman.  Here's a recap of the leaderboard so far:

Team Rypien - No Strikes
Meghan Hardin
James Lepp
Mark Rypien

Team Doleman - No Strikes
Shannon Fish
Brian Cooper
Chris Doleman

Team Rice  - 1 Strike
Emily Talley
Isaac Sanchez
Jerry Rice

Team Brown - 1 Strike
Mallory Blackwelder
Will Lowery
Tim Brown

Team Bulger - 1 Strike
Zakiya Randall
Chad Schulze
Mark Bulger

Team Del Greco - ELIMINATED
Stefanie Kenoyer
Oren Geri
Al Del Greco

Having watched the first 6 episodes, I think there are a couple teams that stand out from the rest.  My two favorites:

1. Team Rypien
2. Team Rice

Both these teams are playing decent golf, but more importantly, they seem to have developed great team chemistry.  Although this isn't typical in golf, in this team environment, I think that the good spirited camaraderie they demonstrate will go a long way in this competition.  I'll be rooting for both these teams throughout the remaining episodes!

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