Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rudy Project - Golf Sunglasses

Rudy Project, an Italian glasses manufacturer, provide some of the highest quality optics in sports eyewear on the market.  Combined with their amazing optics, they have designed some of the most advanced, sleek and stylish frames in the industry that are both functional and durable. Started in 1985, Rudy Project immediately took over prominence in Europe's sporting and optical industry. Today Rudy Project can be found world-wide on athletes in such diverse sports as cycling, speed skating, parasailing, skiing and of course golf.

Rudy Project has that 'je ne sais quoi' that we are constantly looking for in a brand and product.  Their attention to detail and incorporation of cutting edge technology are what set them apart from other sun glass manufacturers.  To top it off, the customization options provided by Rudy Project allow you to personalize your glasses to suite your style as well as the varying weather and lighting conditions.  Along with a variety of accessory options, nose pieces, frames and temple arms, check out the selection of lens colors (available for most models):

The technology incorporated into the optics of Rudy Project glasses  not only help with clarity, but also cut down the glare and reflection, making them an invaluable tool for reading tricky golf greens.

Rudy Project Golf Glasses
One of the most impressive things about Rudy Project is that they've designed different series of glasses that have been tailored to the specific needs and requirements of selected sports.  Their series of golf glasses include features such as an ergonomic design with adjustable temple arms and nose-piece systems, perfect vision in any environment thanks to the interchangeable lenses, super lightweight with the use of materials like kynetium, grilamid, carbon and titanium, lifetime unbreakable lens guarantee, and the revolutionary photochromic lenses specifically for golf for the perfect balance of brightness.  Here's a look at three of their golf models (notice the example of customization options depicted in the images on the right)...

Genetyk Golf:

Based on a super-light full-wrap shield design, implementing Rudy Project's Quick Change lens replacement technology - no twisting, sliding or shaking required - the Genetyk is the latest in hi-tech sporting eyewear, from the company writing the book on technically cool.  The Genetyk also features hallmark Rudy Project features like 360 - degree fully adjustable temples and the similarly fully adjustable ErgoIV nosepiece for that perfect customized fit.

Ketyum Golf:

A Rudy Project flagship product; the Ketyum represents the apex of Rudy Project passion, experience and technology.  Features include the 360 degree adaptable rubber-coated temple tips, advanced Ergonose nose pads for exceptional comfort and proprietary spring hings integrated within the casting itself.  Ketyum reveals its superb craftsmanship and lightweight architecture through a seamless integration of their unique metal blend with equalized Grilamid and optical functional solutions such as their patented Quickinsert optical adapter.  Interchangeable RP Optics lens technology allow user - friendly light conditions management for uncompromisable performance in any environment.  Ketyum is the ultimate in Rudy Project design, engineering and performance.

Rydon Golf: 

Rudy Project has unified seamless advanced design technology and materials science to produce the Rydon, blending cutting edge ergonomic features with advanced materials (carbon, aluminum, magnesium, silcium and titanium) to create a super lightweight, versatile, high performance sunglass. Rydon has been uniquely engineered with a carbonium frame and revolutionary aerospatial aluminum allow (Kynetium) temples which combine magnesium, silcium and titanium to create an unbelievably lightweight, durable and flexible sunglass.

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