Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Golfin - The Magazine Taking You Inside Golf

As you're undoubtedly aware from following our site, we're constantly on the lookout for morsels of new, creative and uncharted golf stories.  So, it should come as no surprise as I to introduce you to the new digital magazine created by our friends at Golfin.  With a totally unique perspective, Golfin takes a look at the world of golf, like you have never seen it before!

"At Golfin Mag, we think differently, that's what makes us different! One of us has loved golf all his life, one of us hated it. Together, we made a magazine, and together we are shaking up the golfing world."

Here at Golfin Mag we appreciate and respect the traditions and values on which the sport was founded. However failing to embrace the 21st century golf remains stuck firmly in the 1700’s where it began. The concept of golf has failed to evolve; the game still encompasses the same stereotypical brand, the same magazine features, and the same old stories. Our urban take on the sport makes it more accessible for people who would not consider it from a different social class. Golf is a game for anyone and everyone. It's a game for people from the most unconventional backgrounds.

The Golfin brand is just that, unconventional. It's about non-conformists’, quirky personalities and professionals with an urban edge. It's about respect, acceptance, and thinking freely.

In short, Golfin Mag is set to uncover a hidden side of golf, more fun and creative than you could have possibly imagined.  Have a look at this recent promo video below, and check out more unique golf news online at: