Monday, May 14, 2012

My Ten Commandments of Life

Golf legend Gary Player outlines the things that were key to his survival and his success in golf, business and life.  Have a look at what he has to say...

People often say that the game of golf is a mirror of life.  

Having played this great game professionally all over the world through the course of six decades, I've found this to be true.  A round of golf, like life, is a journey between whose start and finish an almost unimaginable variety of triumphs and tragedies unfold. 

Like golf, business is also a wonderful metaphor for life.  Adversity often presents unexpected opportunities; imagination, creativity, and patience are the keys to problem solving; and hard work truly pays off.

In fact, success in golf and success in business have a great deal in common.  I've tried to encapsulate some of the lessons I've learned into what I call 10 Maxims for Life and Business, with an emphasis on the link between golfing and business excellence.  

1. Change is the price of survival.
2. Everything in business is negotiable except quality.
3. A promise made is a debt incurred.
4. For all we take in life we must pay.
5. Persistence and common sense are more important than intelligence.
6. The fox fears not the man who boasts by night but the man who rises early in the morning.
7. Accept the advice of the man who loves you, though you like it not at present.
8. Trust instinct to the end, though you cannot render any reason.
9. The heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but that while their companions slept were toiling upward in the night.
10. There is no substitute for personal contact.