Friday, May 11, 2012

Marketing, Analytics, Promotions & Social Media

Whether you're in the medical industry, finance industry or anything in between, marketing, analytics, promotions & social media are applicable to nearly every industry.  The golf industry is interesting as it's a place where all other industries can get together on a common playing field.  I find it fascinating to look at some of these different industries,  and how things like multimedia are applied across the board. 

I was privileged to have the opportunity to attend the IBM Performance 2012 yesterday in Calgary Alberta, a tour which is hitting 50 cities worldwide.  "IBM Performance 2012 is all about the increasingly vital role of analytics in helping you make faster, fact-based decisions to maximize profitability and drive better business outcomes..."  As part of this experience, I gained valuable insight into experts from a variety of industry's all who were willing to share their knowledge on analytics and understanding customer needs.  I was actually surprised to see the correlation and similarities that every industry professional shared with regards to understanding customer needs and the creative methods utilized for relating to a mass market in a personalized way.

Keynote speaker Stephen Baker provided some really good examples of how analytics techniques have been used to identify buying patterns of grocery shoppers and how the very same analytical concepts  were applied to understanding voter preferences in the presidential campaign.

As I mentioned it's cool to see how certain techniques can be applied to a variety of industries.  We'll be diving into this kind of thing a little more frequently here on Eat Sleep Golf and hope you find some value in it.  Here's a cool behind the scenes look at 3D projection mapping, an innovative presentation technique that could be applied to any industry.  Thanks to our friends at Exposure for sharing with us.  Take a look...