Thursday, January 26, 2012

Golf Caddies

If you're a recreational golfer like myself, the concept of a golf caddie is somewhat foreign to you. Although I would love to have someone follow me around the course carrying my clubs and offering me advice, I've simply never been given such an opportunity.

Caddying may seem like a simple role, but good caddies are hard to come by and have a long list of responsibilities including reading the greens, cleaning the ball, raking the sand trap, tending the flag, helping with club selection, providing weather variables, and perhaps most importantly providing mental support to the player.

I got started on this post because I was recently introduced to an interesting new business venture... A website developed to help professional caddies and tour players get connected.  I'm not sure how big the market is for this kind of thing, but professional caddy Matt Hall believes that Tour Caddies 4 U will serve as a useful tool for caddies and golfers alike.

Tour Caddies 4 U was established in 2011, operating throughout the world as a leading service designed to assist Professional Golfers locate High Quality Professional Caddies Worldwide for any professional event whether it is a Pro-Am or a PGA Tour Tournament. Tour Caddies 4 U was also designed to assist the everyday golfer who has a desire to Caddy gain a foot in the door to the Caddy world.

Tour Caddies 4 U has been designed by a leading regular Tour Caddy who has over 10yrs Caddy Experience at the highest level, Along with the input of many leading Golf Professionals whom regularly play on PGA Tours worldwide.

Check out their website at