Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 PGA Show - Best New Products

At the 59th PGA Merchandise Show (Jan.25-28th) at  the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida there was a buzz in the air that I'm not sure has been present in quite sometime. Over 1,000 companies, and 42,000 industry professionals were on hand to see the latest in golf equipment, apparel and accessories for 2012.

Here's a look at some of the new and innovative products for 2012:

The new GolfBuddy Voice available in April, is a breeakthrough in GPS technology, you simply clip the unit to your hat or belt and press the button, the device will give you a precise yardage measurement . . . how convenient is that!

Visit the GolfBuddy website.

Crocs Golf Shoe
Crocs enters the golf shoe market with a wide array of styles and performancce options.These will be a great option to the traditional golf shoe, especially for those who prefer to walk the links.

Visit the Crocs website.

Odyssey Flip Face Putter
The best putter innovation at this years show was by far the Odyssey flip face, use the wrench to loosen the set screw and simply choose whether to go with the firm feel of a metal insert for slower greens or the white hot insert for a softer feel on fast greens, absolutely genius!

Visit Odyssey's website.

Insta Golf Shoes
Insta golf Shoes is an amazing new product that allows the golfer to wear his/her favorite sneakers and simply attach the Insta Golf shoes for instant traction on the links, while retaining the comfort of their casual shoe.Also great for traveling, instead of packing multiple shoes, simply store the insta
shoes into your golf bag for packing light.

Visit the Insta Golf website.

Oakley Cipher

The new Oakley Cipher golf shoe played on tour by Keegan Bradley, is loaded with innovation, not the least of which is the sole and its nano-spike technology, the ceramic insert is replaceable with a velcro application.

GripIt Rite
The GripIt Rite was an underdog to make our list, and yet here it is.The ease of use from club to club, and the site lens that enables the golfer to line up the clubface square - make it a must have.Great for juniors and beginners, as well as the experienced player who wants to check his grip position

Visit the Griprite website.

Drive Tee
Mike Cutino, designed the Drive Tee to give golfers of all abilities the consistency and accuracy they deserve when hitting off the tee. Consistent tee height everytime takes one variable out of the equation for each tee shot, whether it be with the big stick or even an iron or hybrid club.

Each package of Drive Tees includes 3 driver tees, two fairway wood tees and two iron tees.

Visit the Drive Tee website.

(Pictures and product details provided by Links Nation)