Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vision Golf Ball

How do you decide which golf ball to use?  Price? Design? Brand name? Durability?

As an amateur golfer, I've played with virtually every ball on the market and I'm disappointed to say
that none of them seem to fix my slice.  I'm joking, but in all seriousness, after trying golf balls from various manufacturers, I can honestly say there have been nearly zero noticeable differences between them. 
The one thing I have noticed when comparing the "economical" ball to a "premium" ball is the durability of the outer layer.  But as far as distance, accuracy, playability, I haven't noticed any noteworthy differences.

With golf being such a mental sport, I think that company branding is the reason for most golf ball purchases.  Players purchase golf balls based on their preferred brand name as opposed to any other factors. Well I recently came across a golf ball manufacturer who have developed a fantastic brand that seems to instill a sense of confidence in my game, Vision Golf.

Vision Golf represents the exact style of company we love to work with.  Providing a fresh perspective from down under, this Australian ball manufacturer is worth a look. They've focused not only on producing a high-quality golf ball, but also on developing a unique brand to go along with it.  Some noteworthy  features include:

High visibility covers - Using advanced hi-tech soft feel cover material, these balls provide exceptional durability and feel and are easy to see.

Easy to see numbers - Players often mention that one of the main problems they have with current golf balls is how hard it can be to identify them during play.  Vision balls have 2 large numbers appearing on each ball where you would normally find a ball’s brand name printed, resulting in the easier identification of your Vision ball and the speeding up of play as result.

Quality - Their advanced Vision™ tek dimple pattern is helping to create increased length and overall improvement in accuracy.  As with all high end golf balls, Vision balls are of course multi-layered.   

This is a great company, which produces quality golf balls.  I'm happy to make Vision Golf balls the official golf ball of Eat Sleep Golf.  Give them a try!

For more information about Vision golf balls and their Test Pilot program, please visit their website at: