Saturday, September 11, 2010

Golf Fashion - Do's and Don'ts

Golf has always been known for its somewhat strict etiquette including several fashion do's and don'ts... no tank tops, no hats in the clubhouse, shorts must be a certain length, no jeans allowed on the course, etc etc.  

A few years ago while I while working for a golf club manufacturer, I had a personal run in with an apparent fashion faux pas.  While on a corporate retreat in Las Vegas, contending with blistering heat, I was happy to have brought along my FootJoy golf sandals.  As I greeted the owner of the company at the beautiful Lake Las Vegas golf course, it was as though I had slapped him in the face, as he sported a look of disgust at the idea that I would have even considered wearing golf sandals.  Needless to say, I didn't wear them again during our trip.

Yesterday during the BMW Championship, leader Ryan Moore tested golfs fashion acceptance when he wore a hoodie (as seen in the image here).  Even though he looked very stylish, it seems to have created an uproar with many golf enthusiasts.  I've never claimed to be a fashion expert, but I personally don't see the big deal.  As long as you look presentable, I don't see how this is any more offensive than say... John Daly's pants?  From all of us at Eat Sleep Golf, good luck with the remainder of the tournament Ryan!