Monday, August 2, 2010

Pure Focus - Hydrating Golf Drink

At Eat Sleep Golf, we love the opportunity to try out new products designed specifically for the golf industry.  Over the last couple years we've seen a few energy drinks that have been marketed directly at golfers.  It wasn't until I was introduced to Pure Focus that I realized it wasn't additional energy that I needed on the course, it was focus.  In those high pressure moments, additional energy only seemed to give me a case of the jitters, while Pure Focus promotes mental stability, focus and hydration.  Designed specifically for golfers, Pure Focus is comprised of amino acids, electrolytes and B vitamins and is specifically designed to improve your focus and mental concentration.  Pure Focus includes 6 amino acids to help you stay calm under pressure including a patented ingredient Suntheanine.

Benefits of Pure Focus include:
NO Caffeine! (is NOT an energy drink/no jitters)
NO Sugar high's and lows!
Low Calorie!
Conveniently packaged for on-the-go!
Gluten free!
Natural colors and flavors!

Nationwide Tour winner Bobby Gates has signed an endorsement agreement with Pure Focus Golf.  Gates will serve as a spokesman for Pure Focus as well as wear the Pure Focus Golf logo on the left sleeve of his golf clothing.

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