Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shadow Caddy - A better way to play golf

Just imagine... you hand your bag to your caddy and off you go.  Whilst your caddy sweats it out behind you, you are free to enjoy your walk and concentrate solely on your golf - without the distraction of dragging your clubs around or fiddling with finicky remote controls.  Imagine that you get out on the course and "just play".

The recently launched Shadow Caddy - which will be available for rental at an increasing number of golf clubs - allows you to do just that...

Sound too good to be true?  Not any more.  Shadow Caddy is a completely new product that faithfully follows you around the course, carrying your bag just like a human caddy.  It's completely hands free - if you think you've seen something like this before, you haven't.  Unlike some other products out there, the Shadow Caddy is completely hands free, it does not work by remote control.  Instead, it trails a small transmitter attached to your belt which means that there are no joysticks to deal with - and this makes all the difference.

The caddy gives you the freedom to focus on your game.  You can concentrate fully on your next shot, keeping your muscles relaxed, loose and warm.  Reduced fatigue over 18 holes also helps you maintain your concentration.  In fact, using the caddy gives you the freedom on the course usually only experienced by professionals.

The caddy is very easy to use and takes the hassle out of moving one's clubs around the course.  Many people who have used Shadow Caddy have commented on how much they enjoyed the freedom of the walk, how relaxed they felt, and how much it enhanced the enjoyment of their round.

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