Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Golf Shoe Innovation

Not long ago we wrote about two additions to the golf shoe family, the Crocs golf shoe and the KickSpike golf shoe (with retractable spikes).   Today I'd like to introduce a new style of golf shoe that seems to be gaining popularity around the golf community.  In both cases, these shoes have built in spikes similar to a soccer shoe, but designed for golf.  Take a look... 

ecco Golf Street Premier
First is the ecco golf street premier, which made it's debut into the golf world when Fred Couples wore a pair during the Masters earlier this season.   These shoes claim to be a street inspired golf sneaker that are durable and breathable.  They look pretty cool, it will be interesting to see how these catch on around the industry.  It may be tricky to track these guys down, currently they are only available at specific locations in the USA.

True linkswear
The second golf shoe of a similar style is from a new golf company called True linkswear, backed by PGA Tour player Ryan Moore.  I'd have to say these are amongst the most stylish golf shoes I've seen, I'd love to test their performance.  Too bad these shoes are even harder to come by than the ecco shoes.  A limited release of these shoes will be made in the fall of 2010.  We hope to nab a pair, and will report back with our findings.

More information about the above products can be found at:
True linkswear:  www.truelinkswear.com
Ecco:  www.ecco.com