Monday, July 19, 2010

ESG on Social Media

Social Media has become a driving force in corporate development and brand recognition and the golf industry is no exception.  The utilization of social media and related tools are almost essential in order to create a thriving web presence.  The proper use of social media will grow your following and keep customers up to date with all your hard work and progress.  They also serve as an open sourced system for acquiring feedback, suggestions and new ideas on the projects you have on the go.

Whether you're representing a golf course, golf product or golf services, your presense should be readily available on facebook (, blogger (, twitter ( and Linkedin (, just to name a few.  These vehicles allow you to post things like rate breaks, press releases, product announcements, industry news etc.  Over the last year we've worked at growing or social media following, and now have thousands of golf enthusiasts who keep tabs on our posts.  You can easily do the same.

With over 1,000 facebook followers, here's a couple tips to grow your entourage...
- Create a facebook page, this is the best way to reach your audience.
- Let people know what you're working on and what you have planned for future projects by posting about them on your page.
- Post pictures and encourage your followers to do the same.
- Link to your facebook page in your email signature, on your webpage and on other social media sites. 
- Post a question or a poll to encourage interaction with your visitors.
- Check out the Eat Sleep Golf facebook page for additional ideas.
It doesn't take much time, and you're guaranteed to increase your brand awareness. 

If you're new to social media and would like a hand getting established, or if you are looking for ways to grow your following, drop us a note and we'll do our best  to give you some pointers and a jump start.  Contact us via email at: