Sunday, May 2, 2010

Will Ray Romano Break 80 on the Haney Project?

After checking out the first installment of the new season of the Golf Channel's "Haney Project", I'm pretty convinced that Ray Romano has a solid enough game to be able to break 80 one day, with the help of Hank.  First off, it's obvious that it's a serious goal of Ray's to do this.  You can tell he loves the game and practices, so that's half the battle in my book. 
Fundamentally, he isn't horrible.  You saw Hank point out that he's coming over the top because he takes it too far inside to start with, but that's something that can should be fixed fairly easily.  The telling part of the show was when they were practicing pitch shots around the green.  Ray is going to need to sharpen this part of his game the most if he wants to get into single digits.  Even good players in single digits don't hit every green.  In fact, most probably only hit 60-70%%.  What makes the difference is that they can get up and down to save par from most places around the green.  Double digit golfers will almost always make bogey if they don't hit the green in regulation.  Being able to have a variety of shots from around the green will be the key for Ray to go below the 80 mark.  Mark my words.  Once the "over the top" issues is corrected, you'll see Hank and Ray working on a TON of short game drills.
The other thing he'll need to do is eliminate any and all penalty strokes.  Golfers who shoot in the 90's on a regular basis are usually giving away at least 3-4 strokes per round in penalties if not more.  Get rid of the O.B.'s and the shots into the hazard, and I guarantee he will be down into the mid 80's almost instantly.  From there it's just not giving away those stupid strokes on and around the green.  Flubbed chips and 3 putts are the easiest way to not break 80.
What do you think?  Will Ray Break 80 after working with Hank?