Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The TowCaddy - A new look at golf transportation

This in a new and interesting concept... The Towcaddy gives you the ability to pull your golf clubs behind your bike; it then detaches and can be used as a pull cart on the golf course. It will be interesting to see how this idea is received by the golf community.

About TowCaddy:
The TowCaddy pulls behind any bicycle, then detaches at the golf course to become a pushcart on the fairway. So for the young...and young at heart living a few blocks or a few miles from a course, the TowCaddy lets you get to there without having to drive. Now, maybe you like spending an arm and a leg at the pump or clocking out of work to taxi your kids to and from the course. But if you want to be more fit, help your kids be more active, or simply burn less gas, the TowCaddy will help both the earth, and your bank account be a bit more green.
Visit www.towcaddy.com for complete details.