Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is John Daly's Time Up?

John Daly, who is known as one of the most animated professional golfers because of his many antics on and off the golf course, is apparently on verge of bankruptcy. Daly has never been afraid to show his true colors, whether relating to his attitude or his clothing, which often look like something out of an Austin Powers movie. This colorful lifestyle has unfortunately lead him through two divorces (soon to be three once the paper work is completed) three trips through alcohol rehabilitation, gambling problems and several embarrassing moments in the lime light.

These events, combined with a declining effectiveness on the golf course, have lead to Daly loosing his multi-million dollar contracts with equipment companies and other endorsements. He's admittedly broke, and is fighting off bankruptcy as he struggles to pay expenses which include separate $10,000 a month payment to two ex-wives. Daly now plays with a sense of desperation, "It's a lot of pressure," says Daly "Because now when I play, you know, I think about the money. Used to not have to. Now I do, and that's tough."

Daly was apparently getting on the right track as he shed 80 pounds in only 5 months on an intensive training routine. He then went on to shoot an 88 on the second day of the Buick Open. Though Daly is only 43 years old, which is pretty young in the golf community, are his best years behind him? Daly now continues the rough road as he competes in 14 straight weeks of competition, including a six week run in Europe.

John Daly's on course earnings have been erratic in more than two decades on the PGA tour. His recent years earnings looks something like this:
2009... $59,890
2008... $56,017
2007... $248,501
2006... $192,134
2005... $1,759,921
2004... $2,359,507
2003... $220,647

Time will tell is he's able to turn things around and climb his way back into the six figure salary.

Good luck JD, you're going to need it.