Friday, November 21, 2014

DV8 Sports Attracts New Generation of Players with Worldwide Debut of Patented Golf Equipment & Bag Design

“Golf Without Obstacles” Comes to Market With Innovative Design and Technology in Time for Holiday Gift-Giving 

NEW YORK - In time for the busy holiday gift-giving season, DV8 Sports, a new company responsible for re-inventing sports equipment and committed to growing the participation of golf, has brought to market a patented golf equipment and bag design for people on the go. A game-changing twist on standard sports equipment, DV8 Sports’ innovative golf clubs allow for more people to enjoy the game regardless of where they live, how they travel or what they drive due to the clubs’ portability, affordability and industry-first technology. Available now, DV8 clubs can be purchased at

Unveiled during a private event at Golf and Body NYC, New York City’s first members-only golf and fitness club, DV8 clubs liberate users from heavy, tough-to-transport equipment and bags. Instead of lugging around 40-plus pounds of equipment (or struggling to find storage at home or on the go), DV8 users get a regulation set of clubs in a stylish, durable, backpack-style bag, all weighing less than 15 pounds, making them the ideal choice for motorcyclists, sports car enthusiasts, apartment dwellers, vacation home owners, frequent travelers and new players just learning the game.

DV8’s patented, stainless steel coupler technology, which allows up to 14 titanium and stainless steel club heads to be interchanged on one or two custom shafts in less than three seconds, with no tools or torque wrenches required. The entire system is roughly one-third the weight and one-quarter the size of a traditional set. The DV8 bag also features a tablet compartment positioned to enable users to record their swing or practice while watching downloaded instructional videos.

“After five years of designing, testing and developing our product, we are excited to introduce the world to golf without obstacles,” said Richard Stamper, president and CEO, DV8 Sports. “Our clubs represent more than golf, they represent game expansion, lifestyle cohesion and accessibility through innovation. With our one-of-a-kind technology, new players and pros alike can play whenever they want, no matter where they are.”

The idea for DV8 was sparked in 2009 when founder and inventor Pat Brady witnessed an airport altercation between four travelers, their golf bags, briefcases, luggage and a taxi. Inspired by that experience, Brady began development of an innovative club design that would travel smaller while delivering similar performance to traditional clubs. In terms of performance, the clubs have been subjected to extensive durability and player testing and compared to three of golf’s leading brands at Golf Labs, an independent golf test facility in San Diego. In those tests, DV8 clubs performed exceptionally well, showing no statistically significant performance difference from traditional clubs.

Deemed the most successful golf equipment campaign to-date on Kickstarter, DV8 clubs come in three different shaft flexes: stiff, regular and ladies/senior. DV8 clubs can be purchased online now in set bundles starting at $499.95 for the Starter Package (four clubs, DV8 bag and shaft), $699.95 for the Practice Package (seven clubs, DV8 bag and shaft) and $899.95 for the Play Package (10 clubs, DV8 bag and shaft) with the option to customize the front bag flap color. The graphite shaft and individual club heads, i.e. wood, iron, hybrid and putter can also be purchased individually. For more information or to place an order, please visit

About DV8 Sports
Founded in 2009 by accomplished inventor and engineer Pat Brady, holder of more than a dozen patents on a range of technologies, telecommunications executive Don Akerberg, and Callaway Golf and sporting goods veteran Richard Stamper, DV8 Sports, owned and operated in Atlanta, defies convention by offering a first-of-its-kind, patented solution to golf without obstacles. Designed for golfers who demand a compact, convenient alternative to traditional golf equipment, DV8 Sports offers full and partial sets of golf clubs that fit in a bag, no bigger than a college student or commuter backpack, allowing users to play golf whenever they want, wherever they can. For more information, please visit