Friday, October 3, 2014

Trevor Linden Does the Glass-Break Challenge Hockey Style

It's October, and that means hockey season is here. In fact, the National Hockey League teams have been in camp for a few weeks already, and the regular season begins next week.

Hockey players, as a group, are avid golfers, and many are quite good. I'm not sure how skilled former Vancouver Canucks star Trevor Linden – who is now president of the Canucks – is as a golfer, but he showed that he's still the master of the wrist shot on a recent Canucks golf outing.

Toward the end of this segment on Canucks TV, Linden hops out of his golf cart and tries his hand at the glass-break challenge that is a regular feature on the Golf Channel's "Big Break" shows. Instead of a golf club, though, Linden goes with a hockey stick and puck.

And in the words of some famous hockey announcer whose name I don't know: "He shoots, he scores!"

Linden's big shot comes at the 1:30 mark of the video:

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