Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spare Golf - Golf's Premier Auction Website

'Spare Golf - It Might Even Be a Marriage Saver'

With Spring weather on the horizon, the timing is perfect to introduce our network to a new golf brand called Spare Golf.  It's so amazing, it might even be a marriage saver.  Now before I continue, I have to say that my wife is absolutely amazing; but there have been a few instances where golf has been the root source of a heated debate between the two of us.  For instance, something I learned on the weekend, my wife apparently doesn't appreciate opening the closet door in search of the broom only to have a dozen loose golf clubs fall out, hitting her in the leg, shin and feet.  If you're like my wife, you might be asking "Why do I have a dozen spare/loose golf clubs just laying around in the closet?".  I'm still working on my rebuttal for that.

The other thing that I've found challenging, is how do I explain to my wife why I've come home with another $300 golf club... "This one is way better than my old one, it's going to give me at least 20 more yards off the tee"... "It was on sale, I couldn't afford not to get it"... "It's an early birthday present to myself"... "Dave and I both got one so they gave us a great deal"...

This is exactly where Spare Golf comes into play.  As an online golf auction website, I can now gather all my old/slightly used golf gear, post it for sale on Spare Golf and sell it for cold hard cash.  This not only helps to eliminate all the 'golf clutter' from my basement, garage and closets, but will also give me a very valid reason to use that money to buy the new Taylormade SLDR Driver I've been wanting.

  • Old 'golf clutter' eliminated... check
  • New SLD Driver purchased... check
  • Happy wife... check

Now, if Spare Golf can just help me explain to my wife why I'm going golfing this weekend instead of to her friends engagement party, we'll be all set!

More about Spare Golf...
Joking aside, it's been awesome working with Spare Golf over the past couple months.  As we've been working together, it's become more and more clear the demand for this type of platform.  Spare Golf is providing a simple and effective way for golfers to buy and sell golf products from the comfort of their home.  Looking to become the 'Ebay of the golf industry', Spare Golf operates an online platform for people to buy/sell virtually anything related to the golf.  This includes golf products such as new & used clubs, balls, apparel, accessories etc but is also growing to include lessons, tee-times and much more.

Offering the ability to list products in a traditional auction format, Spare Golf also provides sellers to set up a 'storefront' presence with fixed pricing in place.  Here's a couple examples of items currently available on Spare Golf:

Callaway RAZR Fit 3 Wood - Brand New
Current Bid: $99

Taylormade RBZ Driver - Brand New
Current Bid: $28.51

Mulligan Golf Polo - Brand New
Buy Now Price: $39

To view all available listings, visit the Spare Golf website: www.SpareGolf.com
Follow them on Twitter: www.twitter.com/sparegolf
Connect on Facebook: www.fb.com/sparegolf