Monday, November 11, 2013

The FORE App

Over the past year we've really seen a surge in the golf industry with technology and more specifically mobile applications.  We've seen it all from games, a variety of gps solutions, mobile scorecards etc etc.  Just when I thought this market segment was pretty much saturated, I was introduced to yet another mobile app call FORE.

Having recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to kick start their efforts (which is now winding to a close in a few days), the FORE app is set to hit the ground running spring of 2014.  But what separates FORE from all the other golf apps on the market? More bells and whistles? Actually, it's quite the opposite... The FORE app has gone back to the basics, so to speak, and provides a simple, easy to use scorecard.  But the cool part, by entering your scores through this app, golfers become eligible to win real world prizes.

Have a look at their promo video...

Time permitting, you can help support the early development and deployment of the FORE app through their crowdfunding campaign here:

Or check out their website for more details: