Monday, October 28, 2013

Vision Golf - The Gel

The Gel Vision golf ball is an exciting Transparent (almost see through) Soft Cover Golf Ball.  This performance ball features advanced dual layer construction with a large core and thin cover design.  The Flexi-Gel spin blend cover provides added durability and a unique premium soft feel.  It has lower driver side spin It also boasts large Easy to See Numbers, Vision Multi-Layer Power Technology, producing longer straighter shots.

Core Compression - 70/75 
Dimple Pattern - "Real Straight" self correcting 312 dimple pattern
Compares to - Wilson Duo 2.5, Bridgestone E5, Titleist NXT, Titleist DT Solo, Callaway HX Hot.

Cost: $34.95/Dozen

Vision Benefits

EZ 2 SEE Large Numbers

No more crouching down to read
your ball’s number.

Long and Straight
The Vision tek dimple pattern creating increased length
and improved accuracy.

Multi-Layer Power
The Vision concentric circles icon shows this ball has Vision’s advanced power technology with the use of multiple components.

* Brightest Clear White color with low friction Slickcoat finish.

* Flexi-Gel Low Spin Blend cover for added durability and unique premium soft feel.

* Lower Driver side spin than most other premium designs for long, straight drives and full iron shots.

* Softer/Solid Feel, Overall Compression of 70/75 with High COR due to the use of the Hot Dual Density Core.