Monday, September 23, 2013

Golfin Mag - The Magazine Taking You Inside Golf

It's Still Golf, Just Approached A Little Differently

The first issue of Golfin Mag hit the proverbial shelves at the start of August.  After weeks of views and reviews, the magazine like no other has been a unanimous success.  Focused on providing a raw untouched look at the creative side of golf, this is perspective  rarely seen in other golf magazines.

The team at Golfin has definitely laid out their promise to deliver a much more fashion orientated and stylish look, more in the form of a GQ magazine. The unique angle of approach, taking a look at the grassroots of the game, disability golf and of course golf fashion, is a clear factor in the way it relates to both men and women.

This approach is geared towards taking this further than your typical golf magazine and making it a golf lifestyle magazine.  This way, anyone, not just golfers can pick up the magazine and genuinely find something of interest.  Who knows, it might actually inspire people to play golf and ultimately grow the game. The whole core behind the business is driven by this mentality and as a result has come a product unique in its offering; an online only magazine accessible to the masses that is completely free. The the option to purchase a physical copy of the magazine is also available for those who still desire to feel something in their hands.  Catering to everyone is the defining message.  To find out whether they have catered for you, read it now at

Welcome to Golfin, the magazine taking you inside golf!