Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kikkor Golf - Be Yourself Be Awesome

I was introduced to the Kikkor Golf brand a year ago while watching founder James Lepp compete on the Golf Channel series Big Break.  James stood out to on the show not only for his great golfing abilities, but for  the style and creativity that he brought to the game.  This is best captured with his infamous 'saucer pass' golf shot (which sadly, earlier this year was deemed in violation of tournament rules).

James has taken that same creativity and injected it into his golf brand, Kikkor Golf.  As a manufacturer of 'street golf shoes' and other golf apparel, Kikkor continues to develop into a highly sought after brand.  In their recently released video campaign 'Be Yourself. Be Awesome', they capture their outlook on originality and their fun & creative perspective on golf.  With some of the coolest and most comfortable golf shoes on the market, I fully expect these guys to continue gaining momentum throughout the golf industry.

To find out what else Kikkor has to offer, head over to their website  You can also connect with Kikkor on Twitter (@kikkorgolf) and on Facebook (