Monday, June 3, 2013

What It Takes To Win - The Memorial

As many will attest to, Matt Kuchar is often labeled 'the nice guy' on the tour; well it's nice to see that nice guys don't always finish last.  Behind his laid back personality, there is clearly a fierce competitor who knows what it takes to win on the big stage.  This marks Kuchars second win of the season, not to mention a second place finish last week at Colonial.  

As expected from Kuchar, he played a consistent tournament, shooting 68, 70, 70, 68.  Here's a closer look at the four rounds from Matt Kuchar's tournament:
  • Round 1: 68 (4 under) - 5 Birdies, 12 Pars, 1 Bogeys
  • Round 2: 70 (2 under) - 4 Birdies, 12 Pars, 2 Bogeys
  • Round 3: 70 (2 under) - 5 Birdies, 10 Pars, 3 Bogeys
  • Round 4: 68 (4 under) - 6 Birdies, 10 Pars, 2 Bogeys
  • Total: 12 under par - 20 Birdies, 44 Pars, 8 Bogeys
He's one of those guys that really makes golf look easier than it it.  After this great display, it has many people wondering how many more victories Kuchar has in store for the 2013 season; maybe even a major victory?  If he continues playing like he has, I for one don't think it's out of the question.  A word that always reverberates around Kuchar is consistency, and his stats continue to display exactly that... decent driving distance, decent accuracy... all his stats seem pretty... decent; but coupled together, it makes him a force to be recond with. Here's a closer look at those stats from The Memorial...
  • Avg Driving Distance: 283.3 yards
  • Driving Accuracy: 69.64%
  • Greens in Regulation: 75%
  • Avg Putts Per Round: 29.5 (Avg 1.64 putts/hole)
Congrats to Matt Kuchar on winning his second PGA Tour event of 2013, I'm looking forward to seeing how many more he has in him... perhaps even a major victory?

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This article was written by Scott Stevens from Eat Sleep Golf as part of our What It Takes To Win series. This series is focused on taking a closer look at the winning performance of each PGA Tour event to see exactly what it takes to be victorious among elite golfers.

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