Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Advertising Opportunities

Advertising on our Eat Sleep Golf network is an excellent way to reach your target audience.  With a faithful following, our online network currently reaches over 15,000 golf enthusiasts every month. The Eat Sleep Golf network consists of our main site (www.eatsleepgolf.ca) as well as 10 regional sites (5 in Canada and 5 in the USA).  This allows us to to target advertising campaigns to specific geographic regions, or throughout our entire network.  For more specifics on our regional sites have a look at our network page.

Advertising packages can include one or more of the following: press releases, sidebar advertisements, advertorials, embedded links and more.

Sidebar Advertisements
This is a great way to reach the golfing community and gain visual exposure for your brand.  Sidebar advertisements are displayed on every page throughout our network giving you the opportunity to reach the masses.  Whether you create the image yourself or enlist the help of our graphics experts, we'll ensure your brand is displayed professionally.  Sidebar advertisements also include a link to your company website or can be combined with our 'Advertorial' service and linked accordingly.

Rates vary depending on the size of the ad, the duration of the campaign and the desired geographical reach.  

Monthly Rates: Small Sidebar: $80  |  Medium Sidebar: $100  |  Large Sidebar: $120
Quarterly Rates:  Small Sidebar: $215  |  Medium Sidebar: $270  |  Large Sidebar: $320  
6 Month Rates: Small Sidebar: $380  |  Medium Sidebar: $480  |  Large Sidebar: $575

Ad sizes:

Advertorials are creative articles written by Eat Sleep Golf, focused on exploring, evaluating and analyzing your company, brand, product and/or services.  Articles are written from a professional and unbiased perspective, are approximately 500-750 words in length and may contain up to 2 images and links to your company website.
Cost is: $150