Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 PGA Show - Best New Products

The PGA Merchandise Show took place this past week, as thousands of golf brands, product manufacturers, service providers and golf enthusiasts flocked to Orlando to be a part of this trend setting event. To put the size of the show into perspective, just to walk up and down each aisle, you'd have to cover about 10 miles! 

We've done some of the leg work for you and have narrowed things down to a few of our favorite new products and brands.  Of course every golf company in attendance was trying to show off their latest and greatest, but we're looking to highlight something more exciting than an old product painted in new colors. So, here's what we found...

Boccieri Secret Grip
This is something else that I hadn't previously heard of.  While the conventional golf grip weighs 52 grams, this one is built with a tungsten weight and clocks in at 92 grams. The heaviness is meant to raise the balance point of the club, which is designed to promote better body mechanics.

Just in case you're wondering, Sergio Garcia back-weights all 14 clubs in his bag. ($18;

SuperFlex Bands Golf Kit
Resistance training is something that has been around in the fitness industry for a long time.  This company has now designed a product and program specifically with golfers in mind.

A collection of five exercise bands made specifically for golfers, the exercise program that's included with this kit is designed to help you increase mobility, stability, flexibility, core strength and more. ($99;

Although this is something that I have seen previously, TrackMan continues to be the leader in cutting edge technology within the golf industry.  Plotting out you golf shots, the newest edition can now be used wirelessly with a smartphone and an application. Instead of a hard line and laptop, the litany of data can be accessed remotely and by multiple users at the same time.

(The next generation editions range from $14,995 to $17,995

Chase 54
The golf apparel segment is arguably the most competitive, with countless brands to choose from.  Chase 54 could be considered the new kid on the block,  but they're already turning some heads.

With eco friendly and technically sound fabrics that I've never even heard of before (one is made from coffee grounds) Chase 54 is quickly making their presence known. (

SNAG Golf Sticky Suit

In my years of experience in the golf industry, I've seen hundreds, probably thousands of golf products, but I've never seen anything quite like the SNAG Golf Sticky Suit.  

If you've ever been to a driving range, I'm sure you've been tempted by wanting to try to hit the golf ball collector guy.  Kids have a similar desire, and if you have them, they probably want nothing more than to hit you with golf balls.  Enter, the sticky suit. 

This velcro suit, when used with the company's sticky balls and plastic golf clubs, turns you into a moving target. ($230,