Thursday, September 6, 2012

Slammin' Sam Beer Honors Sam Snead

Slammin’ Sam Beer Company recently rolled out Slammin’ Sam, a beer inspired by Sam Snead; considered to be one of game’s greatest gentleman and champions. This new brew labeled the “Smoothest Beer In Golf” will quench your thirst during the round, after the round, or while watching the Tour from your couch on Sunday.

Slammin’ Sam was introduced last week at the Greenbrier Resort, about 100 years after Snead’s birth. This malt concoction was developed by Ray Klimovitz, the 2011 recipient of the Distinguished Life Service Award given out by the Masters Brewers Association of the Americas.

According to Slammin’ Sam Beer Company CEO and Founder Casey Bierer, “Mr. Snead is an international sports icon, and our first priority was to create an amazing beer that honors his legacy.”

President and Managing Director of The Greenbrier Resort Jeff Kmiec said, “It makes sense for Slammin’ Sam beer to be introduced here. Sam Snead called The Greenbrier his professional home for more than 60 years and I think he’d be happy to know guests will savor a beer that bears his nickname.”

Slammin’ Sam is available in cans, bottles, and kegs. The recently launched drink will soon be distributed in other resorts, golf courses, restaurants, and bars in North America.

Jack Snead, after seeing the Slammin’ Sam, can only say this, “Dad considered The Greenbrier his home away from home. He’d be real proud of Slammin’ Sam Beer, I can tell you that.”

This article was written by Diane Araga from Fairways and Greens