Monday, July 9, 2012

Titanium Golf Ring

Shake Down Jewelry
As a male, I've never been a huge fan of wearing jewelry... I've never been someone who wears earrings, necklaces, watches, rings etc.  I equate this partially to the fact that I've always played a lot of sports and keep fairly active, which makes it more difficult to wear jewelry.

Having recently gotten engaged, this has lead me to take an increased interest in jewelry, particularly rings.  I loved the process of designing a custom ring for my fiance, and truth be told, I've even enjoyed shopping for a wedding band for myself.  This process got me curious about what kind of golf rings are on the market.  After sifting though several cheesy and gimmicky looking rings I came across Shakedown Jewelry, who manufacture a couple really cool titanium rings with golf ball dimples.  They're classy, great quality and obviously show off your devotion to golf.  I wear mine proudly, have a look...

Titanium Golf Ball Ring

This is a great ring for those who love the game of Golf. It is a very unique titanium ring with a series of that signature dimple pattern all over the face of the ring. The lightweight and durable ring will hold up not only well to daily wear and tear but you will be just fine on the links with this ring as well. 

Golf Ball Dimple Ring

The golf ball ring is simply unique and stylish! Pick from a variety of widths and sizes. Shown in a 8mm width and a sandblasted/Satin finish as well to really show off the dimple look. 

Titanium Golf Ring