Monday, June 4, 2012

Steam Whistle Brewery

Like many golfers, I like a nice cold beer on a patio after a round of golf.  According to a recent study, golfers consume an average of 22 gallons of alcohol per year!  I don't drink anywhere near that much, but nonetheless I decided to have a look around for an underrated, innovative and creative brewery to share with our visitors.  I found a really cool and unique brewery in the heart of Toronto Canada called Steam Whistle Brewery.

Have a look...

The Brewery
The Steam Whistle brewery is located in downtown Toronto in the historic John St. Roundhouse, just south of the CN Tower. The Roundhouse had functioned as a Canadian Pacific Rail steam locomotive repair facility when built in 1929 servicing steam locomotives that helped pioneer this nation. In 1998 this facility was transformed into the Steam Whistle Brewery.  There's a taste of Canadian history in every bottle - a reflection of the hard work and pride within.

If you're ever in Toronto, we hope you will join the thousands of other annual visitors who visit the brewery for a tour or to attend one of many on-site events.  A visit provides the chance to see first-hand how they brew their Pilsner and to meet some of the folks behind the brand.

The Beer
Steam Whistles focus is on brewing one beer and one beer only, the Steam Whistle Pilsner.  Steam Whistle Pilsner is characterized by a floral hop aroma, sweet graininess with distinctive grassy notes, and balanced by a clean, crisp finish and pleasant lingering bitterness.   They use traditional brewing techniques and only four natural ingredients including spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast - all GMO-free.

When pouring this refreshing lager, expect soft, rising foam and a smooth drinking experience. Best stored and served between 4 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Food pairing suggestion:
Meal: Grilled Meats, Spicy International Cuisine, Fish and Salad, Comfort food
Cheese:   Aged White Vermont Cheddar, Unpasteurized Ripened Quebec Cheddar
Dessert: Spiced Nut Cake, Lemon Shortbread, Fresh Berries

The Brand
Steam Whistle does a lot of really cool things to maintain a unique and creative element to their brand.  This includes a vintage vehicle fleet which can be seen delivering beer and appearing at community events. They believe, the car you drive, like the beer you hold in hand, reflects your unique character and personal style. Steam Whistle celebrates what is best from each decade - traditional style, quality craftsmanship and unique designs.  This year they even introduced a Steam Whistle golf cart!  

The Green Initiative
Since the first batch of Steam Whistle Pilsner rolled off the line they have been proudly using a unique green glass bottle which is made with 30% more glass. This means the same bottle can be washed, inspected and refilled up to 45 times - about three times as many as the industry standard brown bottle. Also, their painted logo not only saves trees from becoming label paper, but also eliminates glue and dyes from contaminating the water drained from our bottle washer.

In 2007, Steam Whistle Brewing made the conscious choice to support Bullfrog Power and help save our planet. The Brewery uses clean, renewable power for its electricity, sourcing power from wind and low-impact hydro generators that meet or exceed the federal government's Environmental choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity.

Steam Whistle's truck fleet have been using B20 Bio Fuel provided by Canada Clean Fuels, since late 2006 - just another way Steam Whistle Brewing helps ease the stress on our planet. This bio fuel, containing soya fuel and recycled restaurant oil, powers the trucks hauling the brew.

For more details on how Steam Whistle is going green, or for more info on their beer, brewery or brand, visit them online at: