Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dawgs Footwear

Have you heard of DAWGS footwear?  I got a few pairs last week and have had the chance to wear them around and I have fallen in love with them.   DAWGS manufacture several lines of super lightweight, non-slip shoes for a variety of industries, including the golf industry.  

One thing that we look for at Eat Sleep Golf are companies who go above and beyond the norm, who venture outside the box, and bring an element of innovation and creativity to their field.  DAWGS Golf undoubtedly meets that description.  Let me show you what I mean...

Dawgs Destination Slides
These comfortable, slip on shoes offer some great features which includes a Firestone tread designed outsole providing amazing traction.  Other features include:
- Thick cushioning heal pads
- High integrated arch supports
- Soft Flexible Uppers
- Firestone designed tread to reduce slipping
- Massaging food bed to increase blood-flow and circulation

The casual design, and convenient slip-on/slip-off style are perfect for wearing to and from the golf course.  Speaking of which, they've also taken their innovation to the golf course...  

Dawgs Golf Shoes

The DAWGS Spirit golf shoe combines style and function to form the world's lightest golf shoe.   At less than 7 ounces per shoe, Dawgs Golf Shoes provide excellent support, absorb shock and protect your heels and foot.   They are designed to enhance your golfing performance with strategically placed molded rubber spikes that keep your feet planted firmly on the fairway.

"We believe golfers deserve and long for lightweight shoes that offer all the comfort, style and affordability Dawgs are known for," says Steve Mann, founder, president and CEO of the companies. "The variety of golf shoes in our lines will suit the needs of players everywhere. We are excited to introduce this full line of comfort golf footwear."

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