Friday, May 18, 2012

Quick & Easy Meaty Meal Ideas

Here are a few more fantastic, healthy and quick meal ideas from our nutritional expert Cate Munroe that you'll want to try out...
Whether you’re trying to lose weight with less carbs, build muscle with extra protein or improve your overall health with more nutrients, here are some meaty snack and meal ideas to keep you going strong all day long. These healthy dishes are great for using leftovers, require little to no cooking, and are perfect for packing. With so many creative ideas to choose from, you have plenty of options for enjoying a quick bite at work, healthier lunches in school, or finger-friendly food on the golf course. 


Roll thinly sliced meat like roast beef, tri tip, turkey, chicken, ham or smoked salmon with veggies, fruit or cheese. Serve with a dip like mustard, guacamole,hummussalsa or low sugar cranberry sauce. 
- Roast beef with mustard, raw milk cheese & arugula
- Turkey with cranberry sauce, sprouts & goat cheese


Stack meats with cheese, veggies, fruits or olives.
- Ham with mustard, green apple & raw milk cheddar cheese
- Cucumber slices with lump crab meat, watermelon & goat cheese


Use toothpicks to skewer cubed meats with cheese, veggies, fruits or olives.
Chicken with raw milk cheese, grapes & apples
Turkey with bacon, avocado & cherry tomatoes


Stuff vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, avocados, mushrooms, squash and potatoes with cheese, olives, chopped meats, guacamolesalsahummus, etc.
Tuna stuffed tomatoes with parsley, capers & parmesan cheese
Ground beef stuffed peppers with tomato salsa & guacamole


Grab a handful of greens (lettuce, spinach, arugula, etc.), top with protein,veggies, fruits, nuts, olives, etc. Drizzle with Zukay dressing and olive oil.
Wild salmon salad with strawberries, cucumber & walnuts
- Greek chicken salad with olives, cucumber, tomatoes & feta


Choose greens over grains. Instead of a burger bun or thick-breaded sandwich, lettuce-wrap your food for more nutrients and less carbs.
Romaine lettuce tacos with pulled pork, salsa & guacamole
Iceberg lettuce wrapped beef burgers with mustard, tomatoes & onions


Enjoy an open-faced sandwich with half the “sprouted” or sourdough bread. Great for broiling with cheese too!
Turkey on sourdough with spinach, avocado & tomato
“Sprouted” Cinnamon Raisin Bread with chicken & goat cheese