Monday, May 7, 2012

History of Olympic Golf

As you're all probably aware, golf will once again, after a long layoff, be back in the Olympics.  In 2016, Rio Brazil will host a fleet of golfers all competing for their country with hopes of bring home an Olympic metal, something no golfer has done since 1904.

Lets take a look at some Olympic golf history...

1900 - Paris, France.  Back in 1900, the Olympics were quite different than we know them today.  Known as the Games of the II Olympiad, there were 19 sports, in which 1000 athletes competed for winners trophies.  Golf was played as a two round individual stroke play tournament, with both 18 hole rounds being played on the same day!  Charles Sands from the USA was the winner, shooting an 82 and an 85.  Golf wasn't the only sport that faded out of the Olympic arena, in 1900 other events also included, motorcycle racing, ballooning, croquet, basque pelota, swimming obstacle race and underwater swimming.

1904 - St. Louis, USA.  In 1904, golf made it's second and final appearance in the Olympic games.  Hosted in St. Louis Missouri at the Glen Echo Country Club, 77 golfers competed in two events.  The stoke play tournament format from the 1900 Olympics was replaced by a match play format, which was won by Canadian golfer George Lyon.  A team tournament was also added which was won by team USA.  This market the last time golf would be considered as an Olympic event until 2009 when it as decided that golf would be re-introduced as an Olympic sport in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

 It's really exciting for the game of golf to be back in the Olympics after more than 100 years.  Over the comings months and years leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics we'll be keeping a close watch on the progress and publicity surrounding golf.   It leaves us with plenty to talk about before now and then such as:  What course will they play on?  How will golfers quality?  How many will compete?  What format will they use?  What are the course criteria for an Olympic golf course?  Stay tuned as we dive into these topics and more.