Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Slumdog Golf

Over the year last couple of years, a growth spurt occurred in the developing country of India where 300 million people have improved economic stability into the middle class status. This lifestyle has given families the opportunity to take into account some foreign cultures, leading to an increased rate of golf students in the young generations.

Jeey Milka Singh is one of the professional athletes that created influence to India’s youngsters. He is known to be the first India golfer to make it into the top 50 world ranked golfers, making him the best golfer in India.

This popularity has extended in various ways, beginning with an increasing number of events like the $2.2 million Avantha Masters, the Golf Tour of India, and businesses that made golf its means to reach out and influence people.

With over 25 to 30 percent forecasted growth rate in the golf market, India is believed to soon take off as one of the popular golfing places in the future.

This increased popularity, doesn't mean the road to riches is easy.  On the other end of the spectrum, Anil Mane, a golf caddie who’s from the slums of Mumbai, has had a longtime dream to play on the professional tour. Anil’s story has made me feel thankful for the opportunities I have; take a look at the video below which takes you on a journey to Mumbai and the challenges of a hopeful golfer...