Thursday, April 12, 2012

Insta Golf Shoes

I'm consistently surprised by the relentless innovations found in golf products.  Just when you think you've seen it all, another 'outside the box' product is revealed; and that's exactly how I felt with I saw the Insta Golf Shoes.

Initially, when I was introduced to the idea, I wasn't 100% convinced of the concept and marketability of this type of product.  Clip on golf cleats? Sounds a little hokey, right?  But after viewing the product first hand and trying it out, I became more of a believer.  The quality and design far exceeded my expectations; they fit very nicely and snugly on my shoe and the playability was quite impressive.  Here's a little more about the product...

Insta Golf Shoes are high quality, durable, pull on golf spikes that fit virtually any shoe. Insta Golf Shoes are constructed of rugged Thermoplastic Elastomer, which firmly grabs the toe and heel of any shoe you choose to wear.

Although for me, this product won't replace my everyday golf shoe, I do think there is a market for it.  For the traveling golfer, Insta Golf Shoes make packing easy. They arrive with a custom travel bag which may be reused for storage and travel. Simply wear your favorite shoes and stick your Insta Golf Shoes in your golf bag where they will take up very little space.

Watch the video below, and for more information and/or to place your order, visit the Insta Golf Shoe website.