Thursday, February 9, 2012

DriveHard - For the green and for a cure!

A few years back I read an 'Action Plan' developed by the Tiger Woods Foundation. It was developed to help young golfers set their goals and priorities both on and off the golf course. It encouraged and reinforced the ideas of hard work, discipline, positive thinking and to giving back to the community. It got me thinking, with golf being such a mental sport, it's interesting to see how life
off the golf course affects our life on the golf course. Controlling emotions, remaining calm and collected, patience, perseverance... all things that apply on and off the course.

It was after reading this 'Action Plan' I got thinking of potential ways to give back to the community through engaging the golf community. With the help of several individuals and industry partners the DriveHard campaign was born. The term 'DriveHard' represents the focus and determination required to be successful on the golf course, and the ability to apply that same intensity towards life in general.   With a focus on raising awareness and funds for charity, DriveHard is encouraging the golf community to get involved.

The goal of the DriveHard campaign is to generate awareness and financial support for Alzheimer's and Caddy for a Cure through the sales of DriveHard golf wristbands. The wristbands are made of white silicon and are molded with a stylish golf ball dimple pattern. We're reaching out to the golf industry to get involved and help us grow this campaign. Wristbands are for sale through the DriveHard website in 10 packs or 100 packs. We'd love to see individuals and organizations get involved; your help and support will go a long way towards creating the much needed funds and awareness for very worthy causes.