Friday, January 6, 2012

Grinds my Gears

You know what really grinds my gears... 

... Cell phones on the golf course!  You went to the course to play golf, not to talk with your accountant.  The sight of somebody yammering away on the phone in the middle of the fairway is truly annoying.  It's downright rude.  There should be a local rule permitting a golfer to throw the person's cell phone into the woods or pond if it is the reason for slowing down play. "Hey Hollywood, get off your phone!"

... Golfers who just won't give up the search! You've hit your $3 Pro V1 into the woods, and now the manhunt begins.  Short of bringing in ball-sniffing dogs, the search for a lost ball could be a time killer.  Be reasonable, but not excessive.  If you're worried about losing an expensive ball, here's a suggestion: Play a cheaper brand.  You'll be doing everyone a favor. I've been frustrated a few times with a playing partner rummaging through the forest searching for their ball... "Buddy, even if you find your ball, you won't be able to hit it out from there anyways... lets go!"

... Golfers who take forever to hit the ball!  We all have seen the player who stands frozen like a statue over the ball.  The seconds pass, and with the exception of a twitch or two, perhaps the hint of a waggle, the person hasn't moved.  And this routine occurs 80 to 100 times during the round.  Not only is it a time killer, but the slow approach is also a game killer.  The best advice to avoiding slow play and improving your game is to commit to a concise pre-shot routine that takes only a few seconds.  "Just hit the ball" should be everyone's mantra.

Can you relate?