Monday, April 11, 2011

JK Crew Golf

A New Spin on Old Tradition

Eat Sleep Golf is excited to announce that we have partnered with golf club manufacturer JK Crew.  After an initial review of the JK Crew product line, we feel confident in their innovative style and quality approach to  product development.  We are continually looking for companies with a creative flare, providing cutting edge products/services and we've found exactly that in JK Crew.

JK Crew equipment designs began in 2005 and were released to the public in 2009. They are currently represented in five countries and have experienced explosive growth in both the equipment and apparel market.  The JK Crew's vision is to offer top end golfing equipment at an affordable price point. They offer golf equipment for amateurs and professionals and aim to make sure the buyer is undeniably satisfied before, during and after the sale.

As part of this agreement, we will be distributing JK Crew products to our partners, golf retailers and pro shops across North America.  Have a look at a few feature items...

X-10 Blade Irons

JK Crew Muscle Back Irons are intended to cover everyone from a PGA Tour golfer to a skilled amateur.  The X-10 irons have a fantastic feel and an excellent penetrating flight with maximum workability and ball control.

The classic looks are everything you would expect in a blade iron offering consistent striking ability from all types of lies while producing the ideal spin rate for playability in all conditions.

JK Crew Tour Bag

The JK Crew Tour Bag provides all the luxuries and durability that you would expect from a high quality golf bag.  It's made of high grade leather which has a high resistance to wear and offers extremely high resistivity to wear and stress.  Unlike your average tour back which only has 6 pockets, this bag comes with 9 so you know exactly where to look for each of your golfing accessories.  This bag also comes with a removable water proof top to keep all your clubs safe from the weather.

For more details about these products, other JK Crew products or reseller opportunities please do not hesitate to contact us at:  More product details can also be found by visiting the JK Crew Golf website.  Stay tuned for more company details, featured products and special promotions.