Friday, December 3, 2010

Shut Up And Play Your Own Game!

This is a great article was written by our friends at Golf Stinks.  I for one am able to relate to golfing with a an angry and etiquette obsessed playing partner...  

Sometimes it seems to me that many golfers are more concerned with the etiquette and/or actions of other golfers than they are with just golfing themselves. Am I imagining this? I don't think so.

It seems it never fails. We'll be out on the course, and some yahoo we get paired up with begins droning on about how someone in the group ahead of us is pissing him off because he's doing something "wrong." It's after about three or four holes of this that I want to wrap my nine-iron around this guy's neck.

I wonder how many golfers are like this. How many golfers take this game so serious that they actually get visibly angered by the play of other golfers. I understand if someone is just deliberately slow. But to get that angry about it? Come on now.

Some people complain about the most ridiculous things on the course. Sometimes these complaints may even have nothing to do with, or have any effect on, the round they are playing. So I get to thinking about some of the most ridiculous complaints I hear from other golfers. Let's take a look.

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