Sunday, July 4, 2010

Don Cherry could be the emcee at your next golf tournament

Would you like to have Don Cherry as the emcee at your next golf tournament?  Who wouldn't?

As a huge hockey fan, I recently had the pleasure of meeting Don Cherry... well, sort of.  Clark Robertson is a Don Cherry impersonator equipped with the same stylish wardrobe and sharp witted personality.  With 22 years experience as a comedian, Clark combines his comic experience with the look and voice of Don Cherry making him the perfect host for your upcoming golf event that will definitely have people talking.  Why have the same old emcee that puts people to sleep when you can have Don Cherry to shake things up a little.  When Don Cherry hosts your event... people listen!

Clark's Don Cherry impersonation has also landed him a spot on the upcoming season of CBC's Dragons Den which will be airing fall 2010.  For more information about Clark Roberston, please visit his website at: