Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aloha Team Classic - 2010

Join golfers from across the United States and Canada to play in the Aloha Team Classic - 2010 in Maui. This event offers participants two amazing options for tournament play. Choose whether to play in the all amateur event or join others that will play with their club pro and an LPGA Tour pro!

Taking place October 17th through the 20th 2010, this multi-day tournament promises to be one that you won't forget!

This information is being presented to you by the DriveHard Campaign and Beyond the Rainbow Foundation. The DriveHard Campaign was created to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Alzheimer's through the sale of DriveHard golf wristbands (www.drivehard.org). Joining forces with Beyond the Rainbow Foundation, an all volunteer organization which is focused on "Helping Maui's youth realize the promise of their future!" We can think of no better challenge than to help Maui's youth while ensuring that they will not have to worry about Alzheimer's when they grow up.

Help support Alzheimer's and Maui's youth by participating in the Aloha Team Classic - 2010. For more details visit: www.AlohaTeamClassic.org