Friday, February 3, 2012

Musty 'Custom Wood' Putters

After years of playing golf and trying countless putters, I've finally found one that suites my style.  Designed by me and manufactured by Musty Putters, these are hands down the classiest putters on the market.  These putters not only provide an elegant custom look, but also a smooth and nature feel. 

If you're looking for a putter that is on par with the other high-end putters with the ability to customize it to your preferences to create the most esthetically pleasing putter without sacrificing performance, then Musty Putters are for you.  With a Musty Putter, the benefits are many and the advantages will have you putting with confidence no matter how intimidating the putt.
With a superior feel and the legendary forgiveness, they also offer a wider sweet spot, unlike steel putters with their tiny center line sweet spot giving you a softer more solid feel; which means more putts holed.

The biggest advantages is the flexibility. All Musty Putters are customized to fit the clients’ height and putting style, so different lengths, lie, and lofts are available.  Every putter can be lasered with corporate logo, sports teams, golf course logo, along with clients name, wedding announcements, retirement, birthday or Christmas wishes. Imagine how delighted you or your clients will be when presented with their own personalized Musty Putter, displaying your company logo on top and their name underside. And to top it all off, all Musty Putters have a lifetime warranty.

David Musty and his wife Jeanne have found the secrets to great putting, combining customization with technology. With a background of custom home building, and circle stair design, coupled with fine furniture construction David Musty was perfectly suited to design and build the perfect wooden putting tool.  "Nothing makes you feel better than fixing a broken putting stroke with a perfectly balanced putter."  Musty Putters accomplish this by properly fitting each putter to the customer, not selling him one off a rack! By utilizing wood, Musty has engineered a putter that has an instant forward roll. Combine that roll with the legendary forgiveness and their patented aiming system and you have a putter for the ages.

At Musty Putters, it’s not just about making beautiful putters – they strive to build the best performing putter on the market.

Contact us to begin customizing a putter just the way you want it, today.


  1. These look sick! I want one!

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike. We agree with you, they do look sick! They look even better in person! And you'll be surprised how well they perform.

  3. I too have a Musty that I have used for three seasons. Love it.
    I am having a second wood putter made by another craftsman in Ohio.
    You cannot beat the feel of wood.
    Phil Palmer, Brooklyn, Ohio

  4. Thanks for the feedback Phil and the testimonial about your experience with wood putters. Many think they are for display purposes only, but I too use mine ever round and absolutely love the feel of it.

    Drive for show, putt for dough...